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Business Valuation & Litigation Support Lead

The Business Valuation and Litigation Support Lead is both a strategic and operational position that encompasses a wide range of opportunity in all phases of our Firm's involvement with business valuation and litigation support. The Lead is responsible for keeping up to date with the changes in standards for Business Valuation and a close eye on the current trends affecting the industry. In turn, the Business Valuation and Litigation Support Lead is responsible for training and disseminating these changes to the Firm's accounting staff. The Lead is responsible for review of all valuation reports. The Lead will have significant client contact and should be able to assist other team members to maintaining profitability to our client base. Due to significant contact with clients and attorneys, the Business Valuation and Litigation Support Lead must be highly professional in dress, manner, and communication skills.

Position Responsibilities

  • Prepare all conclusion of value business valuation reports, using staff from all offices where needed
  • Assist in the preparation of calculation of value business valuation reports and perform quality reviews when requested for all offices of the firm
  • Maintain contact with attorney referral sources for litigation consulting support
  • Prepare reports and testify at depositions or trials for litigation consultation engagements
  • Assist staff from all offices concerning potential litigation consulting engagements
  • Communicate to appropriate firm personnel any important business valuation or litigation support developments that affect firm clients
  • Attend CPE that will increase the Business Valuation and Litigation Support Lead's knowledge in the business valuation and litigation Support and share with Firm
  • Attend CPE or other leadership training sessions to enhance their ability to supervise, train, and work with clients and employees
  • Assist in the selection of software for business valuation and litigation support report preparation


Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Accounting or related field
  • Additional Certification: either CVA, BVL or ASA in Business Valuation
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written skills; ability to professionally meet with Clients and referral sources, communicate at depositions and trials and report opinions and train the Client's and Firm’s employees
  • Experience: A minimum of 3 years’ experience in providing business valuations and litigation Support
  • Commitment: Demonstrate a strong commitment to Williams & Company, our staff, and our Business Valuation practice and referral sources
  • Organizational Abilities: Establish work objectives, plan and set priorities for self and subordinates; develop plans and procedures to achievegoals


  • Attention to Detail: Monitor progress of projects, productivity and finances; report on progress regularly. Maintain organized files
  • Cost Sensitivity: Take appropriate action to control and reduce expenses for the Firm and for the Firm's clients
  • Delegation: Delegate work effectively; share necessary information, set objectives and deadlines and monitor progress
  • Expertise: Minimum of forty (40) hours of continuing education to maintain Business Valuation & Litigation certification
  • Growth: Be a member of related business valuation professional organizations that provide knowledge to assist the Business Valuation and Litigation Support Lead in serving the Firm's clients
  • Computer. Have extensive knowledge of computer functions, software, and accounting programs


Job Functions

  • Holds a valid driver’s license and ability to drive their personal car to all Firm offices and client locations
  • Able to work at a computer for extended periods of every work day
  • Is able to personally lift and move objects weighing up to 50lbs


Contact Information

To apply please submit information to Theresa Vandenberg, Director of Human Resources, located in our Sioux City, IA office.

Her contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (712) 252-5337 Address: Williams & Company PC
705 Douglas Street, Suite 214
PO Box 298
Sioux City, IA 51102